Surf Boat

New Brighton Surf club has a strong and proud tradition of surf boat rowing that can be traced back through the club’s history, from building our own boats in the 50’s to racing the newest and fastest boats today, along with gold medals crews through the decades to prove we are the hub for surf boat rowing in the South Island.

Surf Boats are no longer used as a type of rescue equipment but is still a big part of the surf life saving movement with surf boat racing being a popular spectacle at nationals. It is also great as great way for lifeguards to bond and to improve their fitness. Boaties put in a lot of training and you can see them doing in the long Kilometers down the Avon river or get a great view of them from the pier as they row out to sea. New Brighton has a long and proud tradition of surf boat racing. This is recognized with our regular success at nationals and The New Zealand Trillian Trust Surf Boat Series. Our surf club sees surf boats as a great way to obtain and retain membership through surf rowing.

New Brighton currently has four surf boats which two of them aren’t even a season old. This gives us the ability to capacitate many crews as one surf boat can be used between up to four crew (20 competitors) if they are in different age or gender groups e.g. men’s, women’s. If you are keen on surf boat rowing or learning to sweep a boat please contact our boat captain James Gaskell.