Exposure through Surf Sports

The most effective way of getting exposure particularly for your business is through branding of our sports gear as well as communication through social media and regular newsletters. Particularly through Surf Boats and our Juniors division, there is plenty of opportunity for brand recognition!

Surf Boats is a popular spectacle and for lifeguards a great team sport. Surf Boat racing is a serious business. Brute strength helps, but it doesn’t rule. Technique is vital and has often been a connection between the surfboat rowing scene and flat water scullers. ‘Boaties’ put in hours of training and you can often get a great view of them from the pier as they row out to sea.

New Brighton has a long and proud tradition of surf boat racing. The Club consistently produces quality crews and national medalist teams. As the dominate force in the South Island, New Brighton is constantly growing and producing winning crews with the 2014 Nationals taking home one gold, two silvers and one bronze. One surf boat can be used between up to four crews (20 competitors).

During the summer season, our surf boat crews will travel across the country competing in local and regional carnivals before the final NZ National Surf Lifesaving event in March where we aim to successfully take on the competition and bring home the gold on our home turf. Our three main ‘out of town’ events this season will be to Wellington, Whangamata and Waihi Beach. We tow at least one boat to each event essentially providing a travelling billboard!